Blue Like Midnight

Here are the pictures of my paintings for you to take a look and enjoy, some of them are recent, some old, I have used different techniques: acrylics, watercolours and pencils, mainly on canvas but on paper and glass as well.

Coming from a secluded village at the foot of the italian mountains and where there is not much happening apart from beautiful sceneries and views,
I soon found my way to employ my pastime... started drawing,
it came natural to me and immediately loved it.
I did art college for 5 years, and after, soon moved to London. I never left my passion for drawing and painting.

One of the subject that delight me the most to paint, is the figure, I have been developing my own style, where the subjects are slightly abstracted.
I have always found the shades of the night and surrounding very special and magic...
moonlight, twilight, candlelight, a dark night, a lamp light...
and the dreamlike, sometimes unreal feel that shapes takes at these moments, like blurred in a dream, a little further away than normal reality, a special place...
In my paintings I am trying to catch details and feelings of these images, the beauty of the body in those moments and movements,
give a hint for a narrative or sensation,
I let myself be influenced by inner personal sources and absorb inspiration in nature, feelings, readings, poetry, music....

Of Ughetta Dallimonti's art, gypsy musician and songwriter Alej Montero says:
Entering the shades of Dallimonti's paintings we can find innumerable aspects of the human feelings, in them the emotions melts with the oniric, giving a unique poetic-realistic twist.
Her paintings can carry us to our recondit feelings and even so, admire them. They make u face uncomfortable sensations, the most fearful, but with an artistic look who invites you to fully explore the work and love it..."

- Please do contact me for any further informations: +44 79 58 67 80 41 -