Hidden details, Buenos Aires

I have always been fascinated by hidden feelings and thoughts,
by unseen facets of the soul and the mind,
and by their transcendency and changeability.
Before reaching Buenos Aires, I took a long trip by myself, which gave me the
opportunity to indulge and explore the following subjects....:
The darkest dreams and sensations, those that come from the deepest, most fearful places of our selves, the duality of the being:
One mask to put on for the exterior world,
the other, a hidden self found within the depths, an interior world.
Here, in the paintings made during this period,
i am trying to represent all of this.
The figures are slightly abstracted and obscured :
enveloped by a dreamlike feel and by the magical surreal forms that dwell within
these contexts.
I invite you to take a close look so as to appreciate the small but important details,
as is the the case so often in life ...

Why the nude? So as to represent the true self
Why the leaves? Because in the deep of the forest lives the deep of my soul
Why the sea? Because in front of it i feel a sense of fear that attracts me
Why winged figures? So as to represent the soul that can fly wherever
Why the ship? It is refuge on the vast sea.
Why a demon attacking? It is the image of attraction and fear mixed; of the darkest dreams and sensations.